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At Beagle Systems GmbH, we are making any place on Earth accessible at the press of a button. With our network of long-range BVLOS drones we can offer services with a 50x higher resolution than commercially available satellite data

(optical and IR) with less than 24h lead time.


We understand that traditional drone solutions are hard to acquire, install and operate, especially on a large scale and with beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS) capability.


Our aim is to keep risk and OPEX low for our customers, while delivering data (or airlifted goods) to stakeholders in rapid time. 

Become a part of our growing network!

Approved for Flights in the EU!

Among the first in Germany, Beagle received approvals for flight operations under the new EU-law.

The permits allow us to perform long range drone flights over rural areas without pilot on site (“BVLOS”). On this basis, we are able to offer BVLOS flights on short notice anywhere in the European Union.

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