Beagle Systems GmbH offers data and logistics services to a wide customer audience. With our continuously growing network of drones, we can get you started in no time. Whether you’re a small, local business or a multinational corporation, we can help you improve your asset management with high quality data. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our services and schedule your demo.


 For Electrical Grid Operators

With our high resolution sensors we deliver a centimeter-level overview of your assets. The georeferenced datasets provide an excellent basis for close range inspections, asset management and vegetation management. Alongside regular inspections, we also offer incident based intelligence. Within minutes of an earthing or short circuit event, we can provide images from the relevant site.

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For Pipeline Operators

Our network of drones is the sustainable successor of regular inspections for your grid. We capture high resolution images including geo-information for a precise monitoring of all activities near your assets. Our datasets also allow for accurate vegetation management and maintenance planning. Contact us to find out how we can effectively replace your helicopter inspections



For Farmers

Analysing crop health and moisture of large areas can be easily done with our multispectral analysis. Providing a 100x more precise solution than satellite data and a lot of time saving potential compared to previous drone solutions. Also the detection of deer fawns is possible without the need of a ground crew and own equipment.

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For PV Power Plant Operators

Our multispectral analysis provides valuable insights in each panels health and performance. Through our network of drones, we can very quickly collect the data of many plants in a single flight. Allowing operators to smoothly run their assets and maximise the energy yield. Contact us to learn more about our remote analysis of PV Power Plants by drone.

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For Urgent Matters

Carrying your goods through the skies, we can effectively shorten the delivery times. Avoiding traffic and long detours, our drones can go almost directly from A to B and deliver in record time. Contact us to find out, how we can accelerate your supply chain or transports using our network of drones.

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Is the size of our current service area in northern germany. Within this field we can reach any destination in less than one hour and gather data.



Per Kilometer

Is the price for a regular service inspection of linear infrastructure.



is the current onboarding time for any new EU customer that is not in our service area at the moment