Our Aircraft

Strong payload capabilities and full compliance for BVLOS operations.

Unsere Fluggeräte

Beagle M

Our Beagle M Series offer a fully redundant propulsion system, high level of operational safety and a great variety of payload capabilities. With up to 3kg payload and up to 200km of range, Beagle M is an exceptional tool for inspection & transport applications. It already has proven itself in our Day-to-Day operations.


Payload: up to 3kg

Range: up to 200km

Cruise speed: 110 km/h

Wingspan: 250cm

Communication: LTE

Our Ground Infrastructure

Highly automated operations for safety and cost effectiveness

Beagle Hangar

Fully automated charging and storage of Beagle M aircraft.

Footprint: 3m x 4m

Aircraft turnaround time: max. 2 hours